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Transfer And Development Knowledge Body Of Community Product: Case Study Organic Rice Ice-Cream Group, Ko Kha Sub-District, Ko Kha District, Lampang Province, Thailand

This study had the objectives to transfer the knowledge body of organic rice ice-cream making process, develop the knowledge body, increase product value and increase the channel to develop to be the main occupation of the villagers in Ko kha sub-district, Kokha district, Lampang province. The sample group was the ice-cream practitioners totaled 7 persons using a questionnaire and an in-dept interview to collect the data. The findings included the fact that the practitioners were setup by the government through Rajamangkala Lanna University Lampang Campus supported the making and specifying the formula for ice-cream from brown rice. Most of the customers were in Ko kha district and advertising had not quite reached target groups with only one channel of distribution: direct sales to customers. The package was simple and could keep the ice-cream quality for just a short time and the ice-cream melted fast. The only way to transport was by their own trucks and the only way of payment was by cash. The practitioners transferred the knowledge body of germinating organic brown rice ice-cream by training students from the Non-formal and Informal Education Center in Kokha and Laihin sub-districts and they developed knowledge body of production by adding 3 more flavors: taro, pendant-leaf and butterfly pea. Keywords- Germinated Organic Rice Ice-cream, Knowledge body development, Improvement of Community Product