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Turning Social Capital To Social Intelligence: Why Acumen Leader Matter?

Recently, both researchers and manager are interested in how firm can pursue growth from within, that is simultaneously exploiting firm factor endowments and exploring new potential knowledge and capabilities. This process requires a great deal of organizational learning capabilities which normally embedded in firm absorptive capability and stock of intellectual capital that underlie unique configurations of human capital, organizational capital, and social capital. This paper is an attempt to identified two distinctive architecture of strategic management that facilitate competitiveness through social intelligence. Designing new role of leadership to ensure highly achievement is a big challenge by refining interpolation of purpose-driven leader supplemented by cooperative social capital, and complemented by dynamic organizational capital. This paper presented a disciplined extrapolation that architecting high potential human capital, supplemented by entrepreneurial social capital. The proposed leadership concept is also provides valuable theoretical implication for leadership literatures regarding to innovation which identified the internal fits and best configuration to bring best out of the existing factor condition. Keywords - Social capital, organizational capital, human capital, intellectual capital, acumen leader, social intelligence, and innovation