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Environmental Literacy In Science Learningbased On Local Wisdom Of Lubuak Larangan

Environmental literacy is a basic education for everyone to overcome the environmental problems that are happening now and to contribute to the sustainable development. To provide environmental literacy skills, science learning studies have been carried out by utilizing learning resources based on local wisdom of Lubuak Larangan(a part of prohibition area in a river). The study was conducted by the observation and weak experiment method on students and teachers at one of the junior high schools in West Sumatra-Indonesia. The results of the study show that the Lubuak Laranganhas the feasibility of being used as a learningresource in terms of aspects of ease of access, safety, time efficiency, cost, and conformity with teaching materials. By utilizing the Lubuak Laranganarea, students' environmental literacy can be increased from functionally literacy categories to operationally literacy categories. Keywords - Environmental literacy skills, local wisdom of lubuak larangan, science learning.