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Causal Factors Effecting Toward The Business Success Of E-Commerce Of Smes In Thailand

The purpose of this research was to study factors of e-Commerce service entrepreneurs, reliability of on-line internet networks and the business Success of e-Commerce SMEs and to study the effect of entrepreneurship, innovation and reliability toward the business Success of e-Commerce in Thailand. Current business operation had transformed to apply more technology in running their businesses with key objective of creating opportunity for the Success of business, economy and marketing which had an expanding trend and an enlarging investment. Actually, entrepreneur was able to extend their marketing channel to overseas through the distributing of their products via on-line internet networks. Nevertheless, there were still numerous obstacles in distributing products through on-line internet networks, starting from the problem of internet speed, problem of distributing counterfeit product or missing product, problem of product did not reach customers, problem of trust toward the entrepreneur, problem of trust toward the customer and the problem of seller failed to explain the distribution formality or buying process. All these problems had generated the insecure feeling toward the buying process. This research was mixed methodology between quantitative and qualitative research. The research tools consisted of survey and in-depth interview. The quantitative research was developed from the reviewing of relevant literatures and compiling of relevant data with population of 155,100 SMEs e-Commerce entrepreneurs. Keywords- Entrepreneur Factor, Electronic Service, Reliability, Internet Network, Business Success, e-Commerce