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Effective Marketing Using Mobile Websites

The wireless mobile device has replaced the dial up telephone, the computer, the fax machine, the pager, the intercom, the teletype and even paper as a communications tool. Marketers in all industries need to be aware of the changing technology and mobile communications, and adapt their promotions. The authors investigated the mobile websites of programs to learn how mobile marketing is used to both promote and distribute services of education. Criteria for judging the website experience on mobile phone included: effectiveness, navigation, learnability, open access and satisfaction. For educational programs, such as Edutopia, We Are Teachers, and FISH! Philosophy, there appears to be effective marketing for users of these mobile websites who serve the k-12 audience. For similar industry programs of related organizations, the mobile website experience is lacking in effectiveness. This study points to the qualities that indicate effective marketing using mobile websites. Index Terms - Mobile Marketing, Strategy, Digital Marketing, Educational Marketing