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The Impact and Effectiveness of Entrepreneurship Education in The University

Entrepreneurship keeps on playing a vital role in developing nations and it has been seen as one of the key contributors to the development of economies, job creation which inclines to alleviate poverty and unemployment and also expands the national intensity of the country on world of business industry. The study evaluated the impact and effectiveness of entrepreneurship education which is offered in the University of KwaZulu-Natal Westville Campus in regard to what is needed to equip students in becoming successful entrepreneurs. To achieve this aim, three objectives were formulated. The study made use of qualitative and quantitative approach to address the objectives set out. Primary data was acquired through the usage of self-administered questionnaires and face-to-face in-depth interviews. A purposive sample of 2 academic lecturers and 12 postgraduate students within the university participated. SPSS and NVivo software’s were used to analyze data. Although, the findings revealed that entrepreneurship education offered in UKZN is indeed effective in developing transferable entrepreneurial knowledge and skills to students, numerous challenges were also encountered which might impact entrepreneurship education negatively. Keywords - Entrepreneurship Education, entrepreneur, entrepreneurial skills, Entrepreneurship.