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TOCOMEC: Token-Based Cooperation Stimulation Scheme For Task Offloading In Mobile Edge Computing Using Block chain

The operation ofMobile and Internet of Things (IoT) devices are relied on the batteries and their heavy usage would lead to fast battery drainage. Moreover, they are limited in computation and communication capabilities. Device to device (D2D) communication and mobile edge computing (MEC) proposed to overcome these challenges. Several cooperative schemes designed to offload the computational-intensive tasks to a more powerful nearby device or MEC. However, most of them designed on the unrealistic hypothesis that devices are willing to cooperate. Therefore, the malicious behaviour of the devices often overlooked in their design. In this work, we first present our offloading scheme where MEC decides about proper offloading destination based on the energy efficiency and also deadline of the tasks. Then we propose a novel token-based cooperation stimulation scheme for mobile edge computing (ToCoMEC) based on the blockchain technology. In ToCoMEC, devices must register to the blockchain and receive their initial tokens. Since then, they can trade their tokens in order to use the network service and performing offloaded tasks of their neighbours. We leverage MEC capabilities to perform the computational-intensive tasks of devices. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first work to design a cooperation mechanism for D2D collaboration of IoT and mobile devices based on the blockchain technology Keywords - Blockchain , task offloading, device to device collaboration, mobile edge computing, energy efficiency.