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Promoting English Language Learners’ Creative Thinking Skills Via Art

Promoting creative thinking skills as a class activity or an extra-curricular activity is considered as a great burden for most of the language teachers. One of the most effective methods of exploiting creative thinking is using art as it enables students to deal with various skills of the language in a creative and effective way. These activities are the key source of the contribution to the learning process. They give chance to the students to learn the language in both an educative and enjoyable way out of the textbook. First of all, this study aims to provide a guideline to design and plan the procedures of implementing art into the learning process. In the second place, it gives the basic information about the essential steps including pre-activity and post activity procedures. With the detailed display of the process of using these activities conducted at Anadolu University School of Foreign Languages in Eskişehir in Turkey, this study sheds light on the specific steps of functioning of the activities with oral and written production in a clear way. With the help of this study, it is aimed to set a good example for educators who would like to take the advantage of using art, especially paintings to enhance language skills in a creative and effective way. The necessary steps and procedures are included in the scope of this paper and they can be followed in pre-intermediate and upper levels at schools regarding relevant learning outcomes. Keywords - Art, English Language Teaching, Creative Thinking Skills, Class Activity, Extra-curricular Activity.