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A Comparative Study Of English Language Teaching In Thailand And Other Asean Countries

English Language Teaching (ELT) has gained its importance since ASEAN Economic community was established in 2015.In spite of the preparation of English education at the national level, Thai’s English proficiency is considered “very low”, “below the international average” (Deerajviset, 2015), and “very low proficiency” (Sanonguthai, 2014).This documentary research aims to investigate the similarities and differences of ELT (English Language Teaching) in Thailand and other ASEAN nations in three aspects: teaching content, teacher’s quality, and teaching methodology.Based on the analysis of the four national curricula, calls for English language curriculum and English as a medium of instruction (EMI) are suggested in order to improve Thai citizen’s English ability. The study recommended further research on factors in implementing EMI in Thailand. Keywords - English Language Syllabus, Basic Education Curriculum, ELT in ASEAN, English as a Medium of Instruction.