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Globalization and Interest of Corporations in Global Markets

In the last decade of the 20th century the human society reached the new stage of development called globalization. According to one of the studies, globalization is the continuous process which makes markets more efficient, provides benefits to independent economies in the world, enables technologies to boost, increases investments and in general spreads wealth around the globe. This process is one of the unique opportunities for the individuals and corporations to be involved in business transactions at the minimal cost possible and find business partners around the globe[1].It is apparent that most corporations are interested in having diversified global resources and product markets, access to new ideas and technologies and so on. And not only big corporations are referred to have such interest but small and medium enterprises as well, which strive to have access to international contractors in order to have and share new ideas, resources and technologies. This article tries to investiagate and explain why corporations are interested in the globalization of their operations. Key words - Globalization,international corporations,contacts, partners, business communication, resources, product markets, competition, strategic alliance, management.