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Nuclear Energy and the Implementation of Sustainable Development Goals

The article analyzes the impact of the use of nuclear energy on the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). A systematic analysis of the environmental, economic, and social aspects of the use of nuclear energy has shown that nuclear energy has real advantages for the implementation of all the 17 SDGs proclaimed by the UN in 2015. Comparison of coal, gas, hydro-, wind, solar, and nuclear power generation by 20 environmental, 3 economic, and 4 social indicators has shown the advantage of nuclear energy. Nuclear power, along with solar, wind and hydropower is nature-like technology, and fundamentally solves the issues of global influence on the climate. The article presents formulated "SDGs Implementing Agenda" based on the broad capabilities of the Russian nuclear industry, providing acceptable, admissible, and fair state of economic, environmental, and social development. Keywords - Nuclear Industry; Sustainable Development; States of Sustainable Development; Economic, Environmental and Social Indicators of Sustainable Development; Sustainable Development Goals