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Loyalty As Mediator On The Relationship Among Service Quality, Satisfaction, Corporate Image And Behavioral Intention Of Health Tourism Customers In Upper Northern Region Of Thailand

The purpose of this research was to study both direct and indirect relationship factors of loyalty on service quality, satisfaction, corporate image and behavioral intention of health tourism customers in the Upper Northern Region of Thailand. Nowadays the self-care health tourism is currently popular. There are a lot of attractive sites in the northern part of Thailand where the weather is cool and with abundant of natural resources, especially the hot spring. There are 48 out of 112 hot springs scattered in the north1. The local custom of the north is very famous such as their dressing, foods and colloquial language which is quite unique. Hot spring health tourism business is the whole health promotion: body, mind, emotion and spirit. It can help the tourist for relaxation and comfort. Using the loyalty in the health tourism business due to its quality service, satisfaction and corporate image give rise to the behavioral intention. There are only a few studies have been carried out with no research on Thailand. So this study will provide benefits to the tour agency to improve their services and physical image for satisfaction which leading to the loyalty and behavioral intention. The governmentís policy and strategy emphasizes on health tourism business and spa to advocate Thai tradition and self-care in the near future. This study was the mixed research derived from literature reviews that related to the concept of loyalty, quality service, satisfaction, corporate image and behavioral intention. Studied population was the natural hot spring tourists at 5 provinces in upper north of Thailand which is Chiangrai, Chiangmai, Maehongson, Lampang and Phrae. Calculated sample sizes was provided by parameter derived from Cohen1 , together with G*power 3.0 program. Total cases were 350 cases selected from the hot spring attractions in the studied provinces. Questionnaires were performed and issued by e-mail, postal mail and interview. Quantitative analysis was performed to find out the relative factors by structural equation from Structure Equation Model (SEM) which formulated by PLS Graph program. Qualitative analysis was performed by interview and analysed the contents to support the quantitative research that concerned to health business spa. Keywords- Loyalty, Service Quality, Satisfaction, Corporate Image, Behavioral Intention, Customerís Health Tourism, Hot Spring.