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Design Of Broadband Microstrip Patch Antenna For Proximity Sensor Of Artillery Shells

Artillery shells are used by the military to fire explosives, whose path is a projectile. In order to determine at what distance from the ground the shell has to explode, there is a proximity sensor inside the shell. This paper deals with the design of a broadband microstrip patch antenna, for the proximity sensor of artillery shells. Two different types of patch antenna designs are proposed, one having a spiral patch and another having a square patch. Both antennas are designed to meet the given specifications, and simulated using IE3D software. The performance of both these antennas is compared, based on the results which are obtained by using IE3D software simulation. Keywords- Antenna Feed, Broadband Antennas, Circular Polarization, Dielectric constant, Microstrip Patch Antennas, Spiral Antennas.