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Carbon Storage In Mangrove Soils And Some Influenced Factors

The central part of Thailand is the main agricultural area and mangrove forest located along the western coast. However, the changes of area due to urbanization have been rapidly happen in the last two decades. These further affect the change of ecosystem and carbon global cycle. This study aims to investigate and compares the factors which have an effect on carbon storage in mangrove soils. The study was taken in two stages. The first is to consider the soil properties which related to soil organic carbon (SOC). Ten samples were taken from two parts, including SamutSakorn and SamutSongkram. The results were found that SOC was not different between both sites, ranging from 42.53%-73.04%. Statistical association showed positive significance (P<0.01) between clay content and cation exchange capacity (CEC). The values of pH have an effect on SOC, with negative statistical association (P<0.01). In the second stage, seasoning change which affecting to SOC was concentrated hence the same station of mangrove soils were monitored covering one year period. Negative correlation between atmospheric air temperature and SOC were found and two stations showed statistical association (p<0.01). Land use transformation of both areas was shown to consider the pattern of land use change of both areas. Keywords- Mangrove Forest, Soil Organic Carbon, Temperature, Thailand.