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Satisfaction of Service Recipients on the Services of Building and Facility Department, Case studies, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

This research entitled “Satisfaction of service receivers with service providing of building and physical premises section: a case study in personnel of Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University, Bangkok” aimed to study satisfaction of service receivers with service providing of building and physical premises section based on a quantitative research technique. The sample comprises 116 persons of instructors and officers. Taro Yamane formula is used to calculate the sample size and questionnaires are used to collect data. Statistics used to present analysis results are frequency, percentage, mean ( ) and standard deviation )SD(. The research results indicated that satisfaction with service providing of building and physical premises section regarding public utility, class room, computer laboratory, meeting room, landscape, and service providing by officers was overall at the highest level. Based on the mean arranged in descending orders, Service providing by officers was the most satisfying as they welcomed and greeted service receivers with nice hospitality. They were attentive and ready to provide services at all times with politeness and friendliness. They had good attitude towards services providing and they had knowledge, capability and could give good advices. Landscape was the most satisfying as environment surrounding buildings was beautiful and interior areas and areas surrounding the buildings were arranged tidily. Arrangement and interior decoration in the buildings were modern and beautiful. Public utility was the most satisfying as adequate and clean drinking water is provided. Lighting inside and outside the buildings was enough, water supply was adequate, waste sorting, trash bins were suitable for usage. With regard to classroom, computer laboratory, and meeting room, it was found that satisfaction was at a high level as arrangement of desks, chairs, and other equipment provided in the buildings were suitable and nice. Systems concerning with service providing such as systems, networks, audio equipment, electricity, air-conditioners were enough for usage and all of them were adequately available, in good order, efficient, and ready to be used. For research recommendations, it is found that improvement should be made with classrooms, computer laboratory, and meeting room as equipment should be provided adequately and suitably for amount of usage. In the meantime all equipment should be regularly checked to ensure their readiness for being used. Keywords - Satisfaction, Buildings and Physical Premises Section, Efficiency of Service Providing in Buildings and Physical Premises Section.