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Factors Affecting the Level of Employees’ Happiness: A Case Study of Academic Support Staff of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University

The purposes of this research are to study (1) the level of happiness of SSRU academic staff at work, (2) the elements of happiness affecting their happiness at work, and (3) the correlation among the elements of such happiness. Samples include 40 members of SSRU academic staff, and the research tool includes a questionnaire. Statistics employed in data analysis include Pearson Correlation Coefficient Analysis and Stepwise Multiple Regression Analysis The research findings are as follows; 1. The level of happiness of SSRU academic staff at work is in high level. (x ̅= 4.07)) 2. The elements of happiness affecting SSRU academic staff happiness at work include 8 items, namely good health (X1) good relaxation (X2) good spirit (X3) good soul (X4) good family (X5) good society (X6) good knowledge, (X7) and good finance (X8) 3. There is statistical difference among the elements of SSRU academic staff happiness at.01, namely good knowledge, (X7) good relaxation (X2)good society (X6) good finance (X8) good health (X1) Keyword - Happiness at work, Happy Workplace, Working