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RAPTHAI: The Story of Thai Hip-Hop Music

The research of “RAPTHAI” which is the documentary film about “Thai Hip-Hop/Rap” contemporary music is the innovative research intended to 1) study concepts and styles of documentary films 2) study about Hip-Hop / Rap music and the outstanding characters of Rap Music in Thailand 3) create the documentary film that telling about Thai Rap Music. This research contains the study from the documents, workshop and making a documentary film that telling about Thai Rap Music called “RAPTHAI”. RAPTHAI is the Thai contemporary art documentary film that present the ideas and lives of 12 rappers in Thailand and portray the influence of this genre of Thai contemporary music which are getting an attention and turned into one of “Thai Pop Culture” now. Thai rappers used the style of Hip-Hop / Rap music to reflect the personal lives , the lives of people in Thailand and also the social and political context in Thailand. So RAPTHAI introduces how “rap” culture has taken root in and influenced contemporary Thai society and focuses on the synergy between Thai culture and Rap music tradition. This documentary told the story through the stories of 12 Thai rappers and presents a unique look at the different styles they express through their life experiences and their music. Keywords - Thai Hip-Hop / Rap Music, Documentary Film, RAPTHAI