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Development Of Fuzzy Logic Model For Leadership Competencies Assessment Case Study: Khouzestan Steel Company

Leadership competencies assessment (L.C.A.) is a process that evaluate leaderís competencies, and is a common function carried out in modern companies. L.C.A. is important for leaders to know their strengths and weaknesses, to improve their competencies and to have a continuous improvement. There are different assessment methodologies, however none of them is universal. In recent years multi-rater (360-degree) assessment became very popular but the critical problem of this method is that, it is based on human judgement and perception. This paper deals with a scientific approach in L.C.A and develop a Simulink model based on fuzzy inference system (F.I.S.). This model uses linguistic labels and adjustable numerical values to represent ambiguous concepts, such as subjectivity. This paper also demonstrates a comparison between the traditional methodology based on Boolean logic approach and the proposed one, based on fuzzy logic approach for L.C.A. The model was validated in Khouzestan steel company (K.S.C.), and final results show fuzzy logic method advantages in comparison with traditional methods. Keywords- 360-Degree Leadership Competencies Assessment, Fuzzy Inference System, Simulink