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Examining The Indispensability of Safety And Security For Tourism And Travel Trade In Nigeria

Safety and security are commonly desired conditions under which travel and tourism flourish. Security has become more important issue than ever before due to increasing wave of terrorist acts, local wars, natural disasters, epidemics and pandemics, which significantly affect all sphere of life. More researches have to face the issues of safety and security in tourism in order to prepare the stakeholders and future specialists in the industry for the emerging challenge with a view to developing strategies to ameliorate the effects of the security incidents on tourism business. This paper reviews the security incidents in Nigeria in the recent times which have been occasioned by the activities of Niger-Delta militants, the Fulani and Boko haram insurgents. Adopting the method of content analysis, the frequency and severity of the incidents with their attendant impact on the tourist, the tourism industry and the host community have been examined. A total approach for understanding and a corporate strategy for handling tourism security challenges by both the private and public sectors have been recommended.