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Management of Internship for Special Schools

Internship is very important to improve the insight, knowledge and professional skills of students with disabilities, but there is no clear about scheme for internships for Special School (SLB). The purpose of this research was to develop a management model for internship for Special Schools(SLB). This type of research is Research and Development (R&D) with used the R & D cycle from Borg & Gall. Data collection was carried out through documentation studies, observations and in-depth interviews involving SLBN Subang, PT Subang Autocomp Indonesia and parents of students. The validation of this research was conducted through Focus Group Discussion by involved schools in Subang, PT Subang Autocomp Indonesia, home industry, Department of Education of Subang, Department of Employment of Subang. The trial of the feasibility of the model was applied limitedly to two Special Schools (SLB) in Subang, namely SLB Waliwais Putih and SLBN Trituna. Research results shown that the management of internship for Special Schools (SLB) was arranged through: (1) The planning of internship begins with formation of an internship committee, assessment and synchronization of curriculum, mapping of the business/ industry, coordinating of internship program, socialization and debriefing of internship. (2) The actuating of internship includes recruitment, and mentoring and skills training. (3) The evaluation of internship includes assessment of the process and competency test. The conclusion shown that the management of internship that are organized and synergistic between schools, related agencies or department, and the business/ industry can improve the insight, knowledge and professional skills of students with disabilities to be ready for work. Therefore, this internship management model can be a solution in preparing students with disabilities in school to work in the business/ industry and or entrepreneurship. Keyword - Management Model of Internship, Disabilities, Specials School