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Effective English Communication Skills of Students in BBA (Hons) at International Islamic University Islamabad

Effective communication skills particularly in English language, lead the students to have better career as well as better job opportunities in the future. In the wake of this importance, the current study aims to investigate the students’ English communication skills studying in BBA (Hons) at International Islamic University Islamabad. Survey research design was used to investigate the communication skills of the students. The population of the study comprised of all the students studying at BBA wherefrom a sample of 150 students was drawn. A valid and reliable communication scale developed by Susan Barkman and Krisanna Machtmes, Purdue University (2002), was used to collect data. The data was analyzed via percentage and frequency. The findings of the study indicated students’ effective use of most of the non-verbal communication skills like voice, tone and body language. It was concluded the students need to work upon different areas of communication in order to excel in their academic and professional careers. Further research was recommended on larger population, comparative aspects and different disciplines. Keywords - Communication Skills, Business Administration, English for Business Purposes, Verbal and non-verbal communication