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An Analysis Of Term Life Cycle On Social Media: A Case Study Of Renewable Energy On Twitter

It is possible to see the changes of major social interests by analyzing various subjects and issues discussed in social media. Furthermore, these changes can be used in predicting future trend. This paper aims to investigate changes on the interests on renewable energy on social media. As using Relative Term Occurrence and Term Life Cycle concepts, we tries to identify changes on the interests of renewable energy including solar, wind, water, and biomass. To this end, tweets related to the renewable energy written from 2013 to 2014 in Twitter, one of the representative social media channels, were collected. As a result of the analysis, keyword occurrence frequency of solar heat is on a gradually decreasing trend while water power and biomass maintains a steady frequency of keyword occurrence. Above this, occurrence frequency of wind tends to sharply increase after certain period. Index Terms- Social Media, Trend Detection, Term Life Cycle, Renewable Energy