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Synthesis Of Poss Derivatives With Heck Reaction as Possible Use at Tissue Engineering Scaffolds

The silsesquioxane topic has been known for more than a century, but studied in this field has increased enormously in recent decades.1,2 Polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane (POSS) is a hybrid organic–inorganic material and its chemical structure is in between silica (SiO2) and silicones (R2SiO). Silsesquioxane can be conveniently incorporated into a polymer system by either physical mixing or chemical reaction to get original polymer hybrids. Great numbers of hybrid materials such as polymeric nanocomposites with POSS core have recently been developed. there is a remarkable interest in the development of antimicrobial agents and surfaces for applications in the food packaging, medical industry and hygiene industry. The interest characteristics of POSS nanomaterials offers a diverse application potential in a wide range of areas for biomedical applications, such as biomedical devices, tissue engineering scaffolds, drug delivery systems, dental applications, and biological sensors. Having this in mind, we focused on the development of some new POSS-derivatives as bio-hybrid materials. POSS-based structures have got ability to be incorporated into a wide range of biocompatible polymers make POSS an attractive nanomaterial for a versatile array of applications in medicine.