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An Evaluation of a Psychotherapy Service for Engineering Students at the University of Cape Town (UCT), South Africa

Mental health in higher education has received increasing attention over the past few decades. The high academic demands of the engineering degrees coupled with mental health challenges of students, has led to higher education institutions offering therapeutic services to students. This paper discusses the psychotherapy service at the University of Cape Town’s Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment (EBE). It reports on an evaluation of the service in the second semester of the academic year. The student survey data shows that all students had very favourable experiences of psychotherapy and found it hugely beneficial. Most students did not experience the gender, race or language of the psychologist to be a barrier in their therapy, although there was a small group of students who had preferences for a psychologist of another race, gender, or language group. The findings point to the need for ongoing psychological support for students studying towards an engineering degree. Keywords - Efficacy, Engineering, Psychotherapy, Students