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Social Media Engagement And Its Effects To Business Students’ Life: Basis For College Intervention Program

Today’s generation are globally generated by the social networking inherently dependent to the internet. Everyone is connected to one another, in this vast network. In the past, the communicating and free sharing of thoughts among people were restricted by long distance, nationally and/or region. But now, even the barriers cannot stop the flow of information and knowledge. The new social media allows sharing thoughts. Social media has been viral to youth especially business students. Business students were engaged in social media for many reasons, including finding a sense of connectedness or belonging in the college community. The social media have been influenced the business students on personal, social, academic, health and economic affairs that were significantly related among themselves. This study is to influence social media on students on personal, social, academic, health and economic affairs. Nowadays, social media is essential for the business students in the field of education to learn new trends in here, to improve writing and communication skills, cultural promoting, religious and political information gathering and sharing links, better living style, growth and development of society.