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Economic Advantages and Sustainability of Basalt Civil/Structural Materials for Nigerian Modern Engineering Structures; Positive Impact on Land Filling Construction

One of the well-known challenges structural engineers have been facing in the modern sustainable construction is the disappointment they experience in structure building. For decades now, scientists have been searching for materials that will give best assurance and regain the confident of engineers on structuring. Considering the value of human life and the scarcity of resources in this present day consumption pattern, engineers and the environmentalist needs to validate, monitor and use the best proven materials before erecting a structure to avoid regular collapse. This research led to the discovery of a valuable and sustainable material which are gotten from basalt rocks. Basalt materials derived from basalt fibre has been able to out-power the current building materials in terms of strength, durability, fire and corrosion resistance just to mention but a few. Therefore, this paper is meant to introduce as well as explain to Nigerian civil, structural, ecologyand environmental the convenience nature and the importance of using basalt materials in constructions and structure erections due to the economic and sustainable value of the materials embedded in it. Apart from withstanding harsh situations or hazard occurrences which could be disastrous for people and ecological structures, it has been found safe and durable for modern landfilling construction and management as a result of its biocompatibility and bioreactor advantages. The production process was explained also, the benefits it may have in landfilling construction using basalt fibre. The raw basalt resources which is the basalt rock can be obtained in some locations in Nigeria serving as a plus to the immediate needs for sustainable structuring and to the environment.This study thereforewill benefitcivil/ structural engineers, environmentalist project managers, institutions, research students and lectures in the high institutions among others. Keywords - Location of basalt rocks in Nigeria, production of basalt fibres, products of basalt rock in civil/structural engineering, modern landfilling and ecological importance.