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Anatomical Study for Caraway (Carumcarvi l.) Plant

Study of anatomical features of caraway consider the first one in Iraq,because of very rare planting in it. The study appear newer design of arrangement the tissue in the parts of caraway plant like as arrangement the sclerenchyma tissue as wide grouped in the cortex of root and stem, also the located of oil cavities near the phloem tissue in the root and stem also. So the vascular bundles in the cross section of stem gives a mazing shape when can show the bundle cup fiber and phloem like as the teardrop form stick in the heart shape of xylem. Epidermis of leaf and stem consist of stomata, the type of stomata in the stem paracytic type and in the leaf anomocytic type also appear the prismatic crystals dendroid crystals in the epidermis of leaf, leaves are bifacial type with two layers of palisade cells and 4-5 layers of spongy cells. The cross section of petiole polygonal shape and the sclerenchyma layers located on the corner of petiole and appear as grouped wide and oval to elongated in shape, the vascular bundles open and collateral give the V-shaped in cross section consist from the xylem and phloem and covered by bundle cup fiber and the parenchymal bundle sheath surrounded the vascular bundle from the outer, also the oil ducts distributed in the cortex, the pith is hollow. Key words - Caraway plant, anatomy, Apiacea.