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Educating the Public about Planning for Installing of a Household Water Borehole: Experience from Southern Africa

This paper is designed to educate and the public about the basic aspects that they need to be aware of when they need a household water borehole while appreciating the risk the associated with the processes based on experience in Southern Africa. This is important because installation of borehole is a cost intensive processes, thus ordinary citizens need to make informed planning and decisions. Basic definitions of terms associated with the main professionals and processes involved when installing a borehole are given using non-technical language which speaks to ordinary citizens. The paper discus some of the main reasons that generally contributes and influences ordinary citizens to end up having the need for a household borehole. There are a number of important aspects for ordinary citizens to consider during planning prior to the installation of a house borehole. Ordinary citizens must understand that the process to locate a suitable drilling spot is a relative process influenced many natural factors and due to that there is always a risk failure to get water. Ordinary citizens should therefore also be prepared for that risk of failure after incurring expenses. It is hoped that this non-technical information can help ordinary citizens to plan and decide cost effectively effectively about installation of a household borehole. Keywords - Borehole; Groundwater; Drilling and SADC