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Biochemical Composition, Biomarkers Of Oxidative Stress And Bioaccumulation Of A Fertilizer On The Land Snails, Helix Vermiculata (Muller, 1774)

Land snails are often used to monitor soil pollution. The present study aims to use Helix vermiculatasnails as bio-indicators of NPK fertilizer (The Weatfert). Data showed that the two doses (RAD and RADX2) have a negative impact on the content of carbohydrates and lipidsof hepatopancreas of juvenile snails. But the results showed also an increase in the content of protein.The detection of the residues with the X-ray fluorescence spectrometry determined that there is a low bioaccumulation of the compounds of the Weatfert in hepatopancreas tissue. Keywords - Helix vermiculata, fertilizer, bioindicators, residues, X-ray fluorescence spectrometry.