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Assessing the use of Multi-Mission OS Tidal Estimations for Estuaries in the Northern Gulf of Mexico

Measured water surface elevation (WSE) data are a critical for establishing initial and boundary conditions for hydrodynamic models. The lack of tidal stations that collect WSE and other data, oftentimes forces modelers to interpolate or extrapolate these critical data, generating undesired uncertainty in the output of hydrodynamic models. The inexistence of tidal stations in the Northern Gulf of Mexico is more evident than in other parts of the country. Oil-related disasters and other environmental issues have put in evidence the insufficient monitoring of the gulf. Satellite altimeters’ capabilities for providing near real-time delivery of OST data could provide needed inputs to hydrodynamic models. This paper assesses the feasibility of using available ocean tide solutions (FES2004 and OTIS OSU) for providing water surface elevation boundary conditions to existing hydrodynamic models of estuaries located in the Northern Gulf of Mexico. Index Terms - Tides, TOPEX, POSEIDON, FES2004, OTIS