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A Multi-Criteria Approach To Quantify And Rank The Impact Of Judo Variables Over Strategic Performance

This research presents an approach not only to rank but also quantify how some keyvariables of Judo affect to the strategic performance of athletes. Then, it starts highlighting how current studies usually study one important variable, i.e. strength, at a time, instead of taking a global approach where all the key variables, their own inter-relationships and their impact over some defined strategic performance objectives are taking into account altogether. Due to the complexity of the problem, where it is possible to find many possible relationships – direct/indirect- and of different intensity –high/medium level-, a multi-criteria approach is adequate to model it. Then, the technique chosen is the Analytic Network Process one, as it has proved in other ambits its potential to successfully rank and quantify the cause-effects of relationships between variables; in our research, between inputs or variables – both individually and grouped into clusters- and strategic performance objectives. Keywords - Judo variables, strategic performance objectives, multi-criteria techniques, Analytic Network Process.