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A Heackman Two-Stage Model-Based Empirical Study Of Influence Factors For Female Employment In China

The intra-household labor division and female labor supply is a classic topic in the family economics and labor economics. Due to the large number and wide coverage of female group, females are selected as the main object for the empirical study in this paper. Based on analyzing the research results obtained by many scholars both at home and abroad on the problem of female employment, the method of combining the theoretical research and data analysis is adopted to describe the influence factors and features of labor employment for Chinese females from the research perspective of economics, with the female labors in China as the major object of study. This paper analyzes the strength of main influence factors during the employment process of Chinese females, and also make analysis by combining the data result and national conditions, so as to propose some countermeasures and suggestions for guaranteeing the employment equality rights and promoting the female employment in China. Key word- female employment, intra-household labor division, Employment Factor, heackman two stage model