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The Effect of Emotional Intelligence and Primal Leadership on The Performance of Employees Mediated by Organizational Culture in Pahoa School

This research tries to test several factors that theoretically have impact to employee’s performance: emotional intelligence, primal leadership, and organizational culture, with research questions: the impact of (1) emotional intelligence towards employee’s performance, (2) emotional intelligence towards organizational culture, (3) primal leadership towards employee’s performance, (4) primal leadership towards organizational culture, (5) organizational culture towards employee’s performance, and (6) emotional intelligence towards primal leadership. Research was held at Pahoa School with population of 451 teachers and employees. Non probability sampling with sampling quota resulted in 250 chosen samples to be tested using questionnaire and Structural Equation Model (SEM) data analysis. The result shows that emotional intelligence has positive and significant impact to performance; emotional intelligence has no strong significance to organizational culture, primal leadership has no strong significance to performance, primal leadership has positive and significant impact to organizational culture, organizational culture has positive and significant impact to performance, and emotional intelligence has positive and significant impact to primal leadership. Pahoa School should be sharpening emotional intelligence through applied activities and programs to develop Pahoa culture as the given morale and ethic, that finally can have impact to teacher’s and employee’s positive performance. Index terms - Emotional Intelligence, Primal Leadership, Organizational Culture, Employee’s Performance