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Comparative Evaluation Of The Subject Of Human Rights In Terms Of Liberal And Fascist Ideologies

Human rights; it is the right of all people to live equal, free and honorable because of being human only without any discrimination. Everyone is equal to the law without any difference, such as gender, race, color, religion, language, age, nationality, difference of opinion, national or social origin, wealth. Humanity who prefers living as a community have discussed some ideas such as the social contract and have made some practices to have equal rights with each other and to remain free without harming each other since ancient times. During time, the accumulations from social life have revealed some ideologies. Liberalism and fascism are includedto these ideologies. These ideologies were developed and raised from the formation of the society by individuals. In this article, firstly the necessity of protecting and equalizing the rights and freedoms of individuals who were living as a social entity in the society will be discussed by addressing the “the social contract” notion and by mentioning the arguments of the important thinkers, and then the human rights will be discussed in terms of fascism and liberalism, which are two opposing ideologies. Keywords - Human Rights, The Social Contract, Liberalism, Fascism.