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The Art Of Thai Royal Khon Production Make-Up Method

The main objectives of The study of the Art of Thai Royal Khon Production Make-up techniques under royal patronage of H.M.Queen Sirikit are to study the history of the royal Khon production, the art of Royal Khon Make-up method; pattern and process. The research methodology of this study is the documentary analysis which includes the depth-interview with Thai classical dancing teachers, make-up artists and several related people. The data will be synthesized, presented in descriptive research and analyzed in qualitative research approach. The study says The royal Khon production under the royal patronage of H.M.Queen Sirikit has been established with her intention to conserve Khon performance which is considered as the finest performance of Thai classic arts. H.M.Queen Sirikit has ordered to improve brand new Khon costume and also new method of royal Khon make-up pattern according with modern technology. The art of royal Khon make-up techniques are unique and use specific processes which are based on the painting of Ramakien or Khon masks. There are also lines drawn on the actor's face therefore skin colored cosmetic like foundation is used to create even and uniform color. The royal Khon make-up pattern and techniques are the art of Khon painting using three primary colors which are white, red and black. Make-up artists will stress on both upper and lower rims of eyelid. The lower eyelid will have a straight line and the upper eyelid will be painted in the shape of actor's eye. The second line of tarsus will be sketched between the eyebrows parallel to the upper eyelid line in red color. The line or special eyebrows will be used only in angels or demons. Keywords - Thai Royal Khon, Lakhon, Thai Classical Dances, Make-up