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Investigation of The Relationship Between Philanthropy Level And Religious Attitudes Of University Student

The purpose of this study was to analyse philanthropy level and religious attitude of university students. Descriptive analysis method was employed in this study. Universe of this study consisted on students in Tokat Gaziosmanpaşa University, Education Faculty in 2017-2018 academic year. Sample of this study consisted of students in Psychological Counselling And Guidance Department (136), Turkish Education Department (96), and Social Science Education Department (90) selected with purposeful sampling method among the universe. As data collection tool, “Personal Information Form”, “Religious Attitude Scale”, and “Philanthropy Scale” developed by the researcher was adopted. Data were analysed with Pearson correlation test and Spearman rank correlation test. There was weak, positive, significant relationship between total scores of religious attitude level and philanthropy level of individuals (r = .219, p < .01). It was determined that there were weak, positive, significant relationship between disinterestedness and sincerity dimensions of philanthropy and cognitive dimension of religious attitude (r = .141, p < .05), love and unconditional acceptance of philanthropy and behavioral (r = .186, p < .01), emotional (r = .240, p < .01), relational(r = .220, p < .01) sub-dimensions of religious attitude, and honesty sub-dimension of philanthropy and behavioral sub-dimension of religious attitude (r = .164, p < .01). There was no significant relationship between other variables. Index Terms - Religious Attitude, Philanthropy, Pro-social Behavior, Attitude