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Antiulcer And Enzyme Stability Studies Of Synthesised Palmitoylated Derivatives

The synthesized and completely characterized palmitoylated derivatives PSA PAA, PPAP and N- PPABA were evaluated for anti ulcer activity and enzyme stability studies. The resultant activity was found to be affected by the type of NSAID attached to lipid moiety. All the palmitoylated drugs found to be anti ulcerogenic. Salicylic acid with the palmitoyl moiety was found to be the most labile to hydrolysis. In contrast, the amide prodrugs N- PAA, PPAP and N- PPABA were the least susceptible to enzymatic and chemical hydrolysis due to presence of amide bond Key Words - Palmitoylated derivatives, NSAID’s, cyclooxygenase, PSA, PAA, PPAP and N-PPABA