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Passive Control Application Using TMD in Bridge-Vehicle Interaction

In recent years, several control devices have been developed to control the vibrations of the structures. Between these innovative control devices, we can distinguish three different approaches: passive, active and semi-active control; to these we can add a fourth which is the hybrid control. Among these devices, Tuned Mass Dampers (TMD) are increasingly used in different fields of application in civil engineering, such as buildings and bridge. In this paper, an integration of a passive control system based on Tuned Mass Dampers in the coupled system of vehicle-bridge interaction is presented, using a formulation of the motion equations by the Finite Element Method(FEM) of a simply supported beam model of Timoshenko attached with (n) TMD fixed on a half-car model. In the resolution methods we applied a numerical simulation based on the MATLAB/Simulink.The numerical simulation results of the controlled system will be compared with those of the uncontrolled structure. Index Terms— Bridge-vehicle interaction, Dynamic load, Passive control, Tuned mass damper, Vibration suppression.