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Sri Aurobindo’s Contribution to Philosophy of Education

The main purpose of this research paper is that to analysis and evaluates the aim of education, curriculum, role of teacher and methods of teaching, which was presented by the Indian thinker Sri Aurobindo. Sri Aurobindo lived in the period of 1872-1950. He is known to the entire world as a great scholar, a national leader and a spiritual teacher. The function of education according to him: to bring out the real man in oneself. Sri Aurobindo said that true education is spiritual but also rational, vital and physical. He named it as integral education. Because, his aim of education is man-making. It prepares educate to work first as human being and then as a member of a nation and finally as an individual. The circles of moral responsibility and loyalties proceed from wider to narrower and vice-versa. The man has to develop first as a human being then as a citizen and finally as an individual. Most the present confusion of values is due to an inversion of this order. That education which comes naturally, easily, effectively, and without strain is called integral education. Integral education is complete education. In this lecturers at Baroda Collage, Sri Aurobindo observed that the collages and universities should educate through their academic as well as social activities. This school cannot be isolated from society. His identification of integral schools should consist the four types of rooms. (1) Rooms of silence (2) rooms of collaboration (3) rooms of consultation (4) lectures rooms. Thus, the school will develop different types of activities such as silence, collaboration, consultation and lectures. It will provide play, activity, discovery, innovation and finally development of the powers of the body, mind and spirit of the educand. This is an analytic work therefore, the methodology will the analysing and comparison of the existing sources. Here I will consider the books, which was written by Sri Aurobindo. As well I will consider the books, which was written the different authors about him. This paper will discuss the concept of integral education along with the function of it. This also explains the curriculum and method of teaching within integral education. The final part of this paper will apply this integral education to gaps in education system in modern world. Key words- Education, integral education, teaching, curriculum.