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Inheritage of Roman Concrete in Modern Silicate Mixture - Pozzolana Activity

The article describes inheritage of roman concrete in modern silicate mixture, especially in form pozolana fine –grain powder. The first half of the work deals with the characteristics of Roman concrete, its history, origin and composition. The other part is devoted to hydraulic pozzolana additives. There is currently no comprehensive system that would evaluate and qualify the intensity of the pozzolan reaction. Results obtained from specific methods are incomparable.The results of the individual methods for determining the pozzolana activity of micro particles of pozzolana powder (denote as metakaolin) are summarized in this article. Basic properties such as chemical composition, size distribution, loss of annealing and specific surface area were determined for selected pozzolanaas well Keywords - Roman Concrete, History, PozzolanaActivity, Fine-grainedAddition, PozzolanaPowder