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Developing Language Skills in Beginner Vietnamese Students Learning Chinese as a Second Language (in Vietnam Education JSC)

It has been 40 years since the research of Second language acquisitionstarted growing as an independent field of study, and the concept of “language performance” has often been used in studying second language acquisition. According toChomsky, a distinction is often made between competence and performance when studying language. In the case of second language acquisition, this concept means using grammar in the process of comprehension and production of language for thecommunicators (David Krystal2004), in other words, language performance is the actual use students of language (Richards 2000). This studyusing experiments and literature as the main approaches for research and using the theory of second language acquisition asthe main reference theory. When student completed homework system developed by teacher and according to the schedule of syllabus, they can improve their language performance. The author measureseffectiveness of homework system through the HSK 1 level exam at the end of the semester. Afterdescribing theresults, the author proceeds to analyze the reasons influencing student’s language performance by analyzing of the data collected during the research. Based on the results studied, we analyze and proposesome main explanationsfor the findings of the experiment. Keywords - Chinese Language Acquisition; Performance; Accuracy; Complexity; Diversity; HSK; Homework system