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Screening And Isolating An Anti-Human Epithelial Colon Cancer Dld-1 Cells Compound From Drosera Indica L. - A Rare Herbal Species In Vietnam

Species of Drosera have been proved to have important phamacognostical evaluation in treatment of ailments like: tuberculosis, cancer, HIV, cardiovascular, asthma, whooping cough, without exception of mutation related diseases [1]. Being relatively rare in nature, Drosera are such endangered species that many countries have enacted legislation to protect them [2], [3]. However, among three known species of Drosera in Vietnam [4], it is the fact that there has been no publication studying these species on the chemistry, pharmacology [5]. There is an urgent need to adopt conservation measure regionally, which may preserve these valuable species from being vanished. Moreover, studying in specific potential medicinal properties of these wild plants may suggest a source of fresh biomass and their extracted substances for interesting industrial employment. Focusing on D. indica L. collected in Vietnam, the micro propagation has been successfully established. From these in vitro materials, the screening, isolating and elucidating (both structural and anti-human epithelial colon cancer DLD-1 cells properties) plumbagin have also been carried out. Furthermore, the yield of plumbagin on in vitro culture system of Drosera indica has been reported as well. Index Terms- Drosera, anticancer, plumbagin.