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Design and Implementation of a Big Data Financial Management System for Diamond Bank, Nigeria

The purpose of this research is to check the various ways Big data can be of great benefit to financial institutions and other related organizations. This will be achieved by designing a prototype of a centralized software system that will contain all necessary information related to the daily management of financial transactions done in Diamond bank. The system is composed of the following work. The platform on which the application must be executed is IBM –INFORMIX running on top of the WINDOWS operating system. The database will be a relational database. The framework used in the design and modeling consists of the following: Object Oriented Analysis (OOA), which enables the development of high quality software by defining the problem structure and The Delphi language which provides a robust development environment. The installation of the software will be executed according to the following scenario: Client/Server architecture with the object oriented development tool DELPHI, The database will be installed on the central and regional servers, the application will be installed on the end user’s stations and Data access will be through an open ODBC. This software is implemented to represent an integrated solution that will provide centralized and accurate data that will be used to derive the right decision at the best time.