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Moral Management in Tertiary Education of Mongolia

In this study, the problems of moral management in tertiary education form of Mongolia and tries to identify the best solutions to improve the ethical climate in universities, with a proper implementation of moral management instruments and procedures. The purpose of this study is to create a background for managers in these institutions for them to know and implement the adequate tools they can use to increase the ethical climate and scientifically apply a moral management system. The study methodology is based on a questionnaire conducted during September 10 and October 20 on a few 76 managers in tertiary education form from all over the country, from the public and private institutions. The collected data were analyzed with SPSS program, using descriptive statistics and other indicators and correlations offered by the program, to verify the main hypothesis of the study. The results of the study reveal some important aspects of the ethical climate of Mongolian universities, some lacks, but mainly reveal the perspective of managers on moral management and its implementation. The main recommendations of the study refer to a better understanding of this area of management and focusing on a better integration in tertiary education form of Mongolia. Keywords - Moral management, tertiary education, university, Mongolia