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Optimizing Kombava’s Marketing Strategy to Increase the Economic Value of Butterfly Leaf

The modern society is already aware with danger of the chemical substances in the medicine that consume for a long time. Herbal medicine becomes an alternative which is safer to consume. Indonesia is known as the medicinal plants, one of the medicinal plants is butterfly leaf. It containflavonoid as an antipyretic.Today, fever compress gel is widely sold in Indonesia and it becomes an opportunity to run a business in herbal fever compress gel called KOMBAVA.KOMBAVA contains extract of butterfly leaves as its main ingredient obtained from three different groups of partners who cultivate the butterfly leaves in Gunungkidul Regency. The objectives of the bussiness are to produce and sell KOMBAVA. KOMBAVA is available in two variants, there are children’s size (3.4cmx9.5cm) which costs Rp5,000 and the adult’s size (3.4cmx11cm) which costs Rp7,000 to make them affordable for all members of the society.The market segments of KOMBAVA are children, students, and adults. The marketing strategy used considers marketing mix 4P. The promotion is carried out through online and offline media. This business is very prospective and increase the value of the butterfly leaves, as well as providing job vacancies in Yogyakarta. Key Words- butterfly leaf, KOMBAVA, herbal fever compress gel, strategy, marketing mix 4P