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Power Saving in IoT Gateway

Internet of Things (IoT) is a system of interconnected devices, vehicles, objects, wearables which can exchange the data over a wireless network. Smart city, smart energy, smart home are the few examples of IoT applications. IoT network is a high degree heterogeneous network in terms of connectivity, communication capacity between devices, interoperability, protocols or security. IoT devices are expected to grow millions in near future, to support such devices and to handle the large volume of data, IoT networks are becomes more complex. To overcome system complexity, increase reliability and enhance security IoT networks use the concept IoT gateway. This gateway can communicate with end devices as well as the core network. Gateway remains active all the time to transmit data and control the entire network traffic. This causes the increase in power consumption. This paper cover various power saving techniques in IoT gateway. Keywords - Internet of Things (IoT), Gateway, Architecture, Power saving