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Optimisation Of System Of Systems Reengineering: A Perspective Of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems

Meeting the speed of change in the current dynamic and fully digitalised world is a main concern for any company that wants to grow. Improving profitability and performance mostly rely on scalability through system integration. Systems of systems reengineering is an important transformation tool that enables organisations to compete and remain sustainable. Systems reengineering is a continuous approach that helps companies to stay up-to-date in meeting customer expectations. Reengineering of systems of systems leads to the integration between two or more independent systems. The current study emphasises on optimisation requirements for systems to software systems engineering that manages integration between software systems in the field of enterprise resource planning (ERP). System of ERP systems reengineering through system integration should be include strong system architecture, infrastructure, workflow management as well integration security as critical setup components. Research findings showed that 40% of people strongly agreed that system architecture through integration layer that includes domains and cloud computing as well as integration process are the primary variables to consider while intending to implement systems of ERP systems. Furthermore, 60% of people strongly agreed that system infrastructure determine a solid and successful systems of systems installation as well as workflow management. Additionally, 80% of respondents agreed on the importance of integration security as first priority of system of software systems reengineering. Besides this variables, observations showed that 55% of participant strongly agreed that change implications, people and project team as well as risk management need to be managed concurrently in order to achieve business objectives and goals associated with system of systems reengineering. Keywords - Systems of systems, reengineering, software, ERP (enterprise resource planning)