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Re-Engineering Physical Fitness For Improved Athletes Performance In Sports

Physical fitness is a common phenomenon in the society, often reserved often reserved for the sportsmen and women of a result of their laborious and rigorous exertion in physical activities and sports. This fitness is being undermined by some trainees, coaches and athletes in that their performance solely rests on the amount of strength and energy exerted on the required sports. This paper therefore x-rayed the etiology of physical fitness via its components as it helps in enhancing the optimal performance of athletes in their different sports. Some suggestions and guidelines in re-engineering physical fitness as impetus for athletes performance in sports is also included such as that coaches and athletes performances; well-trained exercise physiologists should be engaged to monitor coaches and athletes during their physical fitness training session; employing the use of positive and negative reinforcement of optimal performance where and when necessary; adequate goals must be set for the athletes during every practice session. Index Term: Optimal Performance, Physical Fitness, Exercise, Physiology