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Preliminary Analysis of Durability Related Field Inspection of Highway Bridge No. 57-039

The aim of this work is to summarize and analyze the data from in-situ measurements performed on reinforced concrete bridge No. 57-039 built in 1985 that is a part of the road network in the Czech Republic. The explorations were performed in order to evaluate the ability of the concrete to protect steel reinforcement from corrosion. To quantify this, the pH and the amount of water-soluble chlorides were evaluated on concrete samples drilled from the bridge at the age of 28 years. Based on these parameters, the ratio between the concentrations of Cl– and OH– that indicates the ability of concrete to protect reinforcement was calculated. Consecutively, all the data were statistically summarized and the correlations among them were found. This study also aims to pick up experiences for the new experimental measurements planned on the actual reinforced concrete bridges in our country.The analysis of the data from bridges under service is intended to help in the development and enhancement of the methodology for the assessment of durability of reinforced concrete structures. Index Terms - Corrosion, Chloride Concentration, pH, Reinforced Concrete Bridge