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Asian Swamp EEL (Monopterusalbus) Farming Research Progress in Indonesia

Natural stock of Asian swamp eel, MonopterusalbusZuiew 1793 was indicated continues to decline due to some reasons such as increasing market demand which led to excessive catchment activities, water pollutions, and destruction its habitat in wet land and rice field areas. Since 1979 in Indonesia, this eel began to be cultured traditionally using drum-shape tank filled with mud to imitate its habitat as the eel usually hiding in a hole made of wet soil. Unfortunately, this system did not seem to support a good harvest due to very low survival rate. Recently, aquaculture research of this eel was developed using water system in order to simplify but more controllable compared to the mud system. The water system showed a better survival of the eels, reached more than 90%. Until now, the research still continued to improve the culture techniques and to overcome emerged problems due different environment from its natural habitat. On this occasion will be presented research progress of the rice field eel culture in water system.